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Benefits and Effects crab Bad For Health

The crab is an animal that has a very hard shell. The shell itself is composed of kirin who have an immune system attacks its prey. Selian, crabs also memikiki second characteristic with its sharp claws. Crab masig included in dlaam anggotan crustaceans that have five pairs of legs, has a hidden tummy and other types. Save this one often referred to by the community with another name crabs. To find the animals that this one could easily be encountered in an area that has a trois climate one of which is the country of Indonesia.
Crabs known in the community terdpaat two types of crabs that live in the waters of the sea known as crab or crab. And crabs that live in fresh water that is crab. Maybe for you who live in the village are already familiar with the animals ynag named crab. But unfortunately the crab is very rare to find, especially during the rainy season. In terms of shape two crabs have differences. If the sea crabs tend to have a larger body than the freshwater crab. But behind these differences the two crabs have kanudungan and benefits that are roughly the same, are as follows.

The crab has a wide range of content which is very useful for them eksehatan body contains phosphorus, calcium, energy, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, iron, protein, carbohydrates and many others. It's pretty much the content contained in the crab. Whether you are curious about the benefits of the crab and the effects bad for health? Langsug just note the following!

This is Kepiying Benefits and Effects Bad For Health

Eating crab ternyatan have a very good role for the health of one's body. This is because the role of the content contained in the crab. In addition to the content mentioned above, it turns out crab contains other no less important than those mentioned above. Among them have mineral Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Omega 3 and others. From some of the nutrients the body needs to have benefits including the following.

Caring for signs and skin
Benefits of the first crab aalah serves to treat the hair and skin. Rambutt and skin care is needed apart from the outside as well as from the inside. One way of treating the skin from the inside by eating crab. This is because the crab has compounds that contribute to maintain healthy skin and hair that contain zinc and vitamin B12 in the crab.

Preventing anemia
Benefits crabs second is to prevent anemia. With the content vitanin B12, zinc and copper contained in the crab can play an active role dlaam produce red blood cells. Then so will prevent and treat anemia.

Boost immunity
Health benefits for the last crab is able to play a role to boost the immune system. With of increasing the body's immune system will make the body become healthier throughout the day.
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Adverse Effect Crab For Health
In addition to providing benefits to health so incredible, crabs also have adverse effects on health. The ill effects of this will only happen if consumed in excess. Among them can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and other types of diseases.
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