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This is a result of recent Sitting For Too Long Hours to Your Health

Sitting is one activity that has dominated everyone now. Each can we know all the work today demanding to sit during work hours. Nmun takukah do you if sitting too long is not good for health. Relating to sit, dudk itself has some kind that you can know them sit up straight, sitting cross-legged and much more. But usually sit conducted by the worker is sitting up straight. Whatever type it if dilakuakn terllau sit for long stays can be bad for the health of one of them is the cause of pain in the waist or other body parts.

In addition to the current work, sit normally would dilakuka when we are faced with a condition. Where is the most common condition is when a person has been feeling tired to stand so long that requires the body to rest and sit for a moment. Well because kuranya knowledge about the detrimental effects of sitting too long. So this time we'll identifies to the effect sitting too long for hours for health, are as follows!

This is a result of recent Sitting For Too Long Hours to Your Health

Triggering Cholesterol and Obesity
Burk result of sitting too long the first one is able to trigger oenyakit cholesterol and obesity. This is because by making the body sits very little movement that can lead to obesity or overweight. Obesity also has to do with the risk of cholesterol. Because obese conditions experienced by a person making the metabolism in the body. Conditions that make high cholesterol which of course is very dangerous for health.

Causes Heart Attacks
The second result of sitting too long is that it can cause a heart attack. This is due to sit for too long makes the heart becomes disturbed and also not normal. So because of that sitting causes heart attacks. A heart attack usually have the following characteristics. Among them easily and quickly feel tired, cold sweat and his chest ached. If you experience symptoms already mentioned that it is necessary to perisakan you immediately to the doctor because it so you're having a heart attack.

One bad result from sitting too long the third is diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that is very dangerous. Symptoms of diabetes is closely related to the condition of obesity and high cholesterol that comes from sitting too long. If you sit too long and did not provide other variations, it is not likely to experience the dangers of diabetes as a result of sitting too long. So because of that do not get used to sitting for too long if you do not want to experience this one disease.

Disorders of the bone
Terkhir is the emergence of disorders of the bones. This disorder can occur especially in the spine. The seating position is too long, moreover, extremely ergonomic position allowing for an interruption in your spine. This can cause bones to grow abnormally and can trigger the body becomes bent, and a posture that is not normal.

That is the explanation of the bad consequences for the health of sitting too long can you know. Hopefully this time the explanation can be beneficial to health.
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