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Characteristics and Causes Eye Minus Increase

Eyes minus is a problem that occurs in the eye that makes the eyes difficult to see objects with long range. Minus own eyes usually occur because it is caused by several factors which can be due to the influence of blue light, the eyes are working hard and forced constantly so will make the eye gradually becomes opaque and unclear. According to a study conducted by Doctor ophthalmologic experts, Tjahjono D. Gondhowiardjo, said that the habit of looking at close range with a high insitas, inevitably will lead to blurred vision. Such as today many jobs that force people to be in front of a computer screen for hours at close intervals. Not only this, but often stared at the screen mobile phone can also be one of the causes of eye minus or farsightedness. Tersebu of activities that are performed continuously will make your eyes become stretched-stretch and stretch that occurred, which resulted in experienced eye minus or farsightedness.

Now that's a glimpse of the eye minus what you can say. For those who have experienced eye minus or farsightedness is often asked why the eye minus can be increased primarily as time goes by? This problem which we will describe in this article. Do you know what is the cause? Things are getting into the eye minus is because the axis of the eye that grew into seiringnya long time and moreover, supported by the bad habits that do. Here is the bad habits that can lead to eye minus increasing.

Intake Food Unhealthy
Dietary factors has become one of the most important thing and it is important to always be considered in supporting the health of the body one of which is the eye. For those of you who already coined kelainann minus eyes would be nice if you always keep your food intake with good and healthy. Make a habit of eating food that is as balanced as eating vegetables and fruits.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
The second cause that can make the eyes minus are getting is because caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Such as reading a book in the dark, reading with visibility too close, adjacent to the blue light source yangs angat harmful to eye health and many others. If the habit is often done, it will cause eye minus be increased.

Being in the environment Unhealthy
The cause of the last to make eye minus be increased is because the habit was unhealthy environment. An unhealthy environment can indeed affect the health of the eye and may even damage the eyes. This is because if we are in an unhealthy environment will make the eyes become easily tired and sick. Like for example often are on the highway, which certainly filled with pollution dangat not good for the eyes. Tersebiut pollution can be shaped like dust and dirty air is very susceptible to eye. The more often the eyes exposed to the pollution then it can aggravate health conditions which can add to the minus.

Now that's an explanation of the characteristics and causes of eye minus what you can say. Hopefully circuitry explanations of times to increase the knowledge and in the formation related to eye health, especially eye minus or farsightedness.
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